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Welcome to our company presentation!


All those interested to get to know more about our company are warmly invited to our company presentation on the 44th Plenary Meeting of the German Flat Panel Display Forum (DFF) “Application and System Integration, value-added design” hosted by EuropTec GmbH in Goslar on 6th June 2013.

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Electrostatic Chuck Systems

Electrostatic Chuck Systems enlarged our business area. We intensify our collaboration with partners in the field of processing and handling thin substrates by means of stationary electrostatic chuck technology. We use electrostatic holding force for fixing substrates on stationary electrostatic chucks in manufacturing tools or on electrostatic carriers during different coating, high-temperature and plasma processes in vacuum environment. These applications are designed particularly for display, plastic (flexible) electronic and photovoltaic industries.

We make every effort to fulfill challenging objectives of our customers by offering sophisticated complete solutions including electrostatic chuck (e-chuck) and measurement controller, which supplies an electrostatic chuck (e-chuck) with high-voltage power, controls and optimizes an electrostatic clamping process.

Electrostatic chuck and measurement controller are available as stand-alone devices, but also as a single entity matched to each other integrable in process tools due to various standardized interfaces.